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Páramo & Nikwax are committed to evaluating and minimising the impact
that they have on the environment.

Compliance with the UK's legislation is the minimum standard to which both companies will adhere while endeavouring to follow best practice with due regard for business needs, in line with the requirements of ISO14001 and other requirements, such as those of the clients. The objectives for the companies are to:

1.  Minimise the companies' effect on global climate change by investing in carbon offsetting and conservation schemes as well as aiming to reduce carbon emissions.

2.  Minimise the production of all types of waste, maximise recycling wherever possible and dispose of other waste that cannot be avoided in a responsible manner.

3.  Encourage all employees and contractors to be receptive to the personal impact that they can have on this policy and to report any breaches to the Environmental Representative.

4.  Implement policies and procedures to prevent pollution.

All Directors will be responsible for communicating and implementing this Policy and will ensure that:

a.  Efforts are made to reduce office waste by maximising IT systems.

b.  Waste is handled in accordance with legislation and by registered carriers.

c.  Recycled or environment friendly paper is used whenever economically practical, and when possible, suppliers are chosen who are committed to environmental good practice.

d.  Energy is used efficiently.

e.  All incidents detrimental to the environment are reported, investigated and action is taken to prevent reoccurrence.

f.   Environmental training is provided as part of staff development taking into account job responsibilities.

The Directors are committed to continually improving the companies' performance by regularly reviewing the environmental impacts, and on an annual basis, updating this policy in line with the review findings.


Click to download the Páramo environmental policy


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