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Why is Páramo environmentally better?
Páramo make garments designed NOT to become obsolete. Buy Páramo and you enter a long term relationship with gear that outlasts conventional outdoor kit. When we talk about renewing and recycling, we don't mean abandoning your garment in a recycling bin and buying a new one.....

Renewable -
We guarantee performance and comfort that lasts. There are no laminates or membranes to break down so garments can be rejuvenated and re-waterproofed indefinitely with environmentally safe Nikwax Aftercare products.

Repairable -
Accidents do happen and Páramo garments can be repaired without compromising performance. After all, you could stick pins all over a Nikwax Analogy garment, take them out and still be waterproof!

Recyclable -
And if you want to invest in a new Páramo, your garment can lead a useful life when passed on to a new appreciative owner, thanks to the longevity Páramo enjoys (and guarantees).

Read about the Recycling Scheme here

Reducing resource use -
Inspired by our Environmental Management Team, headed up by MD Nick Brown, we are continually seeking to optimise and decrease our use of materials and fuels.

Why is Páramo environmentally better?

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