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How else does Páramo give back?
We endeavour to be environmentally and ethically conscious in all sorts of ways:

Reducing -
Inspired by our Environmental Management Team we continually seek to optimise and decrease our use of materials and fuels.

Restoring -
Working with the World Land Trust, we contribute regularly each year to offset all our primary carbon emission, to protect existing vital rainforest under threat and replant new rainforest areas. We have undertaken to make a contribution each year which offsets the current year's emissions and the year 10 years previous, so that by the end of 10 years we will have offset for the last 20 years.

Replanting -
For every Pájaro jacket bought we donate a sapling to Trees for Life to help reforestation of the Caledonian forest.

Rebalancing -
In partnership with wildlife photographer Andy Rouse, we set up The Aspira Fund using profits from his Páramo range to donate annually to diverse conservation and research projects that often miss out in funding initiatives. So far we have made contributions to capercaillies, tigers and Rwanda.

Redistributing -
We've been able to help charities like Remploy and Fairbridge to take disabled and young people out on the hill by donating kit. And we work with World Emergency Relief to provide garments for refugees and the homeless elsewhere in the world.

If you no longer need your Páramo, we'll take it back, recycle it and reward you! To read more about the scheme click here




Páramo Gives Back

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