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Unique Nikwax Directional fabrics...

Simple but very clever fabrics are designed specifically to ‘direct' water to where you need it to keep comfortable and dry - from reversible, next-to-the-skin, stretchy Parameta T fabric to the ultimate outer all-weather protection of Nikwax Analogy.

Nikwax Analogy waterproof fabric is based on mammal fur - just as an otter or bear keeps warm and dry in the very worst of weather, the fabric structure moves water away from you and traps air to keep you warm.

Our fabrics work harder....
  • Keeping the weather out
  • Removing perspiration and condensation more effectively when you're working hard
  • Whatever the conditions - even in high humidity when conventional waterproofs give up
But feel better......
  • Quieter - they're soft, supple and rustle-free
  • Warmer and cosier - no hard, crisp-packet feel, comfy enough to wear all day or even to sleep in!
And last longer.....
  • No membranes or coatings to break down over time
  • Indefinitely renewable with Nikwax aftercare
  • Repairable with a needle and thread
  • Puncture doesn't compromise performance

Our key fabrics and how they work for you:


Parameta® A and Parameta® T Reversible are Nikwax Directional fabrics that rapidly spread perspiration over a large area to provide maximum evaporation and keep you cool at higher temperatures. Lightweight and comfortable, these garments will evaporate moisture in minutes and are ideal for next-to-skin layers:

  • in high temperatures,
  • for high energy activities.
Wicking & warmth

Parameta® S is a Nikwax Directional fabric that wicks but also directs water to one face and captures still air in the other. It makes excellent next-to-skin layers, either worn alone or under a Directional outer.

Parameta® S is reversible - water naturally concentrates in the smooth face of the fabric only:

  • Worn smooth face to the skin, it cools you - perfect if you're working hard or are hot;
  • With fleecy face next to the skin, air is trapped and water drawn away, so warming the body - ideal in cooler conditions or when you are still.

Páramo® Windproof garments are made from Nikwax® Windproof fabric - a closely woven microfibre fabric which cuts the wind whilst providing excellent moisture vapour transfer or ‘breathability'. This robust fabric can be treated with Nikwax® durable water-repellency to deflect the rain.

Windproofing & warmth

Nikwax Analogy® Fleece, like mammal fur, both repels rain and actively pushes water away from the body. All fleeces warm you by trapping still air between their fibres - wet a conventional fleece, however, and it loses up to 95% of its insulation. Páramo fleece offers superior comfort especially in humid conditions.

Warmth, windproofing & waterproofing

Páramo® Directional Waterproofs are made with Nikwax Analogy® which mimics the action of mammal fur, directing water away from you whilst protecting your insulation to keep you warm and dry. Conventional breathable waterproofs can only cope with 20% of the sweat you produce, for real comfort you need Páramo Directional Waterproofs.


Nikwax Analogy® Insulator fabric combines a windproof outer with a moisture-repellent fill. It warms the body quickly by very efficient retention of body heat, while the down-like feel and performance continue to work well even when wet, resisting moisture ingress but still allowing excellent moisture vapour transfer. It is not damaged by moisture or be compression so can easily be carried in a pack for fast warmth when needed.


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